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The MG Car Club of Queensland, Inc. - The MG Car Club of Qld Inc is a CAMS affiliated Club founded in 1954 and now has over 800 members. The Club is based in Brisbane but also has four country Chapters. The Club is fortunate in having its own Clubrooms and motorsport venue which allows the Club to offer its members a wide range of Social and Competition events.



Calgary MG Car Club - The Calgary MG Car Club was started in 1979 and exists for its members and for the purpose of enhancing the MG British style of motoring, and the preservation of the MG marque. Our membership welcomes MG owners and those people who support the style of motoring exemplified by the MG marque, mystique and history.

British Columbia

Canadian Classic MG Club -

Victoria MG Club - The Victoria MG Club was started in 1981 by a group of MG enthusiasts dedicated to the preservation, maintenance and enjoyment of all MGs (click on Magic of MG to access additional information). Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in the MG marque. Club activities include fun runs, funkanas, garage tours, group tours, rallies, slaloms, social events, tech sessions and more.


MG Car Club of Toronto - The MG Car Club of Toronto was launched in 1955 and is one of the oldest single marque auto clubs in Canada as well as one of the oldest continually running MG Clubs outside of the U.K. Our members are dedicated to 'Maintaining The Breed' and we welcome visitors to come out and join us at club meetings and driving events.

Ottawa MG Club - The Ottawa MG Club is a group of people who have an enthusiasm for MG vehicles and share a friendship that, inexplicably, seems to come naturally from the MG experience. Drivers & navigators gather together regularly at driving events, informative meetings, technical sessions, and social events, increasing the enjoyment of the MG experience. 

  New Zealand

MG Car Club Auckland Centre Inc. - We provide a wide range of activities from the purely social through to the competitive hillclimbs and sprints. We provide for all interests and ages, from the vintage MG owner through to the modern MG, MG T, F, ZS, ZR and ZT saloons. We take a keen interest in older model MGs and the Pre '56 Register provides various specialist activities and services essentially for the maintenance and preservation of these vehicles.

  United Kingdom

The MG Owners Club - The MG Owners Club was formed in 1973 to serve the growing needs of the MG sports car enthusiast. Over the last 39 years the MGOC has concentrated on making it easier, cheaper and more enjoyable to own an MG. Our vast membership base has helped earn us the reputation of being the World's largest single marque car club.

  United States

MG Drivers Club North America

North American MGA Register

North American MGB Register

The American MGB Association


Birmingham British Motoring Club - Yearning for the days gone by when our cars were new, our hearts were young and our cares were free.

Mardi Gras MGs British Car Club - Did you know that there is a dedicated group of British car enthusiasts right here on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay? Our club members own such classic British marques as MG, Triumph, Jaguar, Austin Healey, Mini-Cooper, and others. Our activites include, Shows and Exhibits, Driving Tours, Parades and other community events, Technical Support Sessions, Social Activities.

North Alabama British Motoring Society - The North Alabama British Motoring Society was founded in 1985 for local British car enthusiasts to get together and support each other. Since then, the club has grown steadily and now boasts over 80 members in Northern Alabama and southern Middle Tennessee.

Shoals British Car Club - The Shoals British Car Club welcomes anyone who has an interest in British cars. Whether you're an old timer to British cars, a new owner, or just someone who wants to get involved, you are welcome to join us. The club is based in The Shoals, Alabama which is comprised of the 4 major cities of Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield and Tuscumbia.

South Alabama British Car Club - Promoting and Preserving Classic British Cars Since 1990.



Arizona MG Club - Promoting the preservation, enjoyment, use, and ownership of the MG and its variants through drives, technical sessions and social events.

Tucson British Car Register - The Tucson British Car Register is a British car club dedicated to the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of British motorcars of all years and marques.


British Motoring Club of Arkansas -


MG Owners Club of Northern California - The MG Owners Club, formed in 1957, is the Northern California Centre of the MG Car Club, formed in England in 1930. The Peninsula T Register was formed in 1973 and is now an informal sub-group of the MGOC.

Paradise British Car Club - Paradise British Car Club, a club of like-minded people who love British Cars. This group is one of the most active British Car clubs on the Central Coast. We have outings, rallies, parties and all around good fun, and try to have an event every month or so. We also try to attend many of the British car shows in the central California area, usually driving by caravan.

Sacramento Valley MG Car Club - The Sacramento Valley MG Car Club was formed in 1978 to promote the preservation, maintenance, restoration and enjoyable use of MGs by our members.

San Diego MG Club - We are a group of diverse MG owners. Our cars run the range of show room perfect to rusty piles of parts that one day will be our dream come true! With something for everyone, our main goal is to have fun.

Sorry Safari Touring Society - A gathering of MG enthusiasts who live throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area and who, as our name implies, enjoy driving our MGs.

Southern California MG Club - We Are Dedicated to The MG Driver and Enthusiast.


MG Car Club Rocky Mountain Centre - The Rocky Mountain Centre of the MG Car Club of England, Ltd. was incorporated in 1952 in the state of Colorado. The Centre is affiliated with the National MGA Register, National MGB Register, the the Collector Car Council of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Rallye Council. It sponsors a variety of events of interest to owners of all types of MGs and closely related automobiles.


Connecticut MG Club - Since 1987 the Connecticut MG Club has been a great place for owners of all MGs and people who like MGs to meet, greet, have tech sessions and show their cars.

District of Columbia

The MG Car Club, Washinton, D.C. Centre - The MG Car Club, Washington, D.C. Centre held its first meeting in October of 1951 and now consists of approximately 200 members. Originally founded as a sub-centre of the Eastern United States Centre (now the MGCC Long Island Centre), the basic idea of the Club was to promote camaraderie and mutual interest among MG owners.


British Car Club of Delaware - The BCCD is open to both owners and enthusiasts interested in the preservation of all the marques of British cars. Our members own Austin-Healeys, Triumphs, Jaguars and MGs, among other less common English cars. Our members can be found at many of the classic car shows throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. But you don't have to own an British Car to join.


Big Bend MG Club -

British Car Club of Southwest Florida - Our first objective is to "have fun" with our British cars - driving them, fixing them, admiring them - all of the different marques of British cars.

Florida Suncoast MG Car Club - We are one of the largest MG car clubs in the Southeast United States. Our members include owners of MG's for everyday transportation, show car collectors, professional mechanics, and auto enthusiasts interested in preserving classic cars as a part of our social and industrial heritage.

Gold Coast British Sports Car Club - The Gold Coast British Sports Car Club exists for the enjoyment of vintage British car enthusiasts located in South Florida.

MG Car Club Florida - MG Car Club Florida is one of the Oldest MG Clubs in the State of Florida. It originated in Jacksonville, FL. Mr Jerry Keuper our Chairman Emeritus (in Memoriam) brought the Charter to the Brevard area. The club, under Jerry's watchful eye, has had many years of great success.

Nature Coast English Car Club & Sun Coast Classic MG Club - The club is open to all British car owners and enthusiasts.

Panhandle British Car Association of Pensacola - We have club meetings each month and 20+ local events each year. Every April, the club has its annual British Car show in Pensacola.


Peachtree MG Registry, Ltd. - The Peachtree MG Registry is home to more than 140 MG enthusiasts in the Greater Atlanta Metro region and beyond. Whether it's a drive in the North Georgia mountains, a tech session in a member's garage, a British car show, or simply coming together for good times and camaraderie, we share one important Passion - our MGs.


Idaho British Car Club - Started as the Idaho MGs, our club has expanded into an all British car club and is dedicated to having fun with our cars, in whatever way you feel most comfortable participating.


British Boots and Bonnets Car Club - Rockford, IL

British Car Club of Central Illinois -

Chicagoland MG Club - MG may be back in England but the MG spirit has never died in Chicago. Here in Chicago there is an active group of MG owners and enthusiasts. We have been active since 1975 and sponsor rallies, technical sessions, and friendly get togethers.

Illinois Flat Land British Car Club - The Illinois Flat Land British Car Club is a multi-marque all British car club located in Central Illinois. The club is open to all interested parties that enjoy activities with fellow car owners.

Praire Octagon MG Club - To promote the preservation and enjoyment of MG's through the interaction of their owners in both driving and social activities.


Hoosier MGB Club - The combined Web site of the MG Car Clubs of Indiana.

Michiana Brits - We have numerous members from all ages and walks of life. Not to mention all of the marques our members own. Our club has been together since 1995. We try to meet once a month during the winter months, come summer, we are packed just about every weekend for events, shows, tours and runs.

Northern Indiana Lakes British Motor Club - The Northern Indiana Lakes British Motor Club (NILBMC) was organized in July of 2005. The club began its first year with 17 prospective members attending the first meeting. Eight years later, we now have 36+ full memberships! Our main criteria for being part of the club is that you are a British Motor enthusiast. You do not have to own a British vehicle to be a part of the club.

Southern Indiana Region British Car Club - The Southern Region British Car Club is an organization dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the fine British automobiles of all marques and vintages. We sponsor many activities including an annual car show and several driving events each year.


British Car Club of Iowa - The Iowa British Car Club was formed in Des Moines, Iowa in 1984 by a diverse group of individuals with a common interest in the unique vehicles produced in the United Kingdom, and a desire to share their enthusiasm for them with others similarly afflicted.


British car Club of Wichita -

Lawrence All British Car Club - The Lawrence All British Car Club is devoted to the enjoyment of owning, driving and sharing with the public our little British sports cars.


British Sports Car Club - Louisville Facebook


British Motoring Club New Orleans, Inc. -


Mid Maine Sports Car Club - Our members own cars built by Austin Healey, MG, Morgan, Triumph, Porsche, Bugatti, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Riley, Morris, Alfa Romeo and Jaguar amongst others.


The Clustered Spires British Car Club - We are owners of British Marques interested in discussing, maintaining, and driving our cars. We started CSBCC in 2008 and are located in Frederick, Maryland. We are a "loose" organization interested in the camaraderie that comes from owning autos that are seldom seen on city streets or highways. We meet monthly at various locations to talk cars, and enjoy the stories that come with owning a vintage British car.

MGs of Baltimore, Ltd. - The MGs of Baltimore, Ltd. Car club was established in 1977. The club represents over 200 in Baltimore and across the country. As the name implies, the club centers its activities around the preservation and enjoyment of the cars that bear the classic MG marque. The club is affiliated with the following national organizations: The North American MGA Register, The North American MGB Register, and The American MGB association. Internationally, the club is affiliated with the MG Car Club and The MG Owners Club.


Cape Cod British Car Club - The ocean views coupled with scenic roadways make Cape Cod perfect for leisurely trips in British roadster automobiles, not only in the summer, but year-round.


Lansing Area MG Association -

Twin Bay British Car Club -

West Michigan MG Car Club -

Windsor-Detroit MG Club -


Minnesota MG Group - The Minnesota MG Group was founded in 1987 and is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, maintenance and enjoyment of the MG cars.

Minnesota MG T Register - The Minnesota MG T Register was founded in 1975 by a group of dedicated enthusiasts who enjoyed each others company and had a common interest in driving, restoring and preserving classic MGs. Today the club continues that tradition with over 100 cars registered and more than 120 participating members. The club strives to plan fun events that include both men and women. Several cars are in restoration at any given time and the club provides expert advice from experienced members who have restored their own cars. You don’t need to own a T series MG to be a member of the club.


English Motoring Club - The English Motoring Club of Mississippi is the enjoyment and preservation of our fine British vehicles. We host numerous tech sessions, tours, social gatherings, and the MSEMC's annual car show, Brits On The Bluffs


All British Car and Cycle Association of Kansas City -

Greater Ozarks British Motoring Club - A group of British motoring enthusiasts in the southwestern Missouri area located in the heart of the Ozarks.

Kansas City MG Car Club - The Kansas City MG Car Club was established in 1982. It has since grown into one of the largest single marquee British car clubs in the Midwest. Membership is not limited to MGs only. You just have to be a British Car enthusiast.

MG Club of Saint Louis - The purpose of the club is to provide MG owners and enthusiasts with social activities and technical support, in addition to promoting the MG marque. However, please note there is absolutely no requirement to own an MG to join the club.



Her Majesty's Royal Nebraska Patrol - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Reno British Car Club -

New Hampshire

New Jersey

British Motor Club of Southern New Jersey - Over 150 like minded members who own and drive all manner of British cars.

The MG Car Club, Central Jersey Centre, Inc. - The MG Car Club, Central Jersey Centre, Inc. was founded in 1962 to further the interest in the MG marque. We currently have about 140 member households representing approximately 210 British Cars, mostly MGs. The annual dues are $25, which include a monthly news letter "Meshing Gears". Club sponsored activities have included tech sessions, road rallies, guest presentations and monthly meetings. The club also sponsors events such as the annual car show in the first weekend in May.

New Mexico

New York

Buffalo Octagon Centre -

MG Car Club Long Island Centre -

North Carolina

British Car Club of Western North Carolina -

Metrolina MG Car Club/ -

North Carolina MG Car Club -

North Dakota


Central Ohio MG Owners -

Emerald Necklace MG Register, Inc. -

MG Car Club of Southwestern Ohio Centre -

The Knights of the Octagon Roster -

The Lake Erie British Car Club -


MG Car Club of Oklahoma- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Columbia Gorge MGA Club -

Willamette MG Club -


Delaware Valley Classic MG - The DVC is an all MG club… From Pre-War to MGF. Especially the T-Series, MG-A, MG-B, MG-C, and Midgets. We are looking for people who like to drive their cars and have a good time! We are located in the Delaware Valley which surrounds Philadelphia, PA and includes New Jersey, and Delaware.

Greater Pittsburgh MG Club -

Keystone Region MG Club - We are a non-profit British car-loving club centered in the Lehigh Valley of eastern Pennsylvania. The club, established in 1977, is run solely by volunteers to promote interest in and help foster preservation of MGs and other vintage British motor cars. We are an affiliated chapter of both the North American MGA Register and the North American MGB Register

Lanco MG Club - This site is about MG's and British Sports Cars. You are welcome to browse the site for information of interest

Philadelphia MG Club - The purpose of The Philadelphia MG Club is to provide its members with an opportunity for social interaction and forum for the exchange of information pertinent to the appreciation, enjoyment, and preservation of their MGs. We are a very active club centered in the Southeast Corner of Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island

South Carolina

The British Car Club of Charleston - The British Car Club of Charleston is a group of enthusiasts, both men and women, dedicated to the preservation of British cars, many of which are no longer in production and are too quickly becoming extinct. Some members are technical experts, some are aficionados, some are fanatics, and some of us just plain have fun driving our little sports cars and attending great events with friends both old and new.

Foot Hills British Car Club - The Foothills British Car Club (FBCC) is a car club open to all years, makes and models of British cars and is based in the foothills of South Carolina. The Foothills British Car Club is a passionate group with many activities in which to enjoy our cars, including car shows, technical sessions, driving events, and social events.

South Dakota


Appalachian British Car Society -

Blount British Cars Ltd. -

East Tennesse MG Drivers Club -

Southern British Car Club Greater Chattanooga Area -


Alamo MG Association -

Corpus Christi MG Car Club -

The Houston MG Car Club -

The Texas MG Register -


British Motor Club of Utah -



Central Virgina Britsh Car Club -

MG Car Club, Washington, D.C. Centre -

The Williamsburg British Car Club -

Tidewater MG Classics -


MG Car Club Northwest Centre -

Mount Baker MG Car Club -


Milwaukee & Greatlakes MG Motorcar Group (MG3) -