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  Activate Decommissioned MG
British Motor Heritage Trust Certificate, Heritage Motor Centre
Car Buying Inspection Checklist, Scions of Lucas
MG Restoration, John Twist, University Motors.
MG Complete Lubrication, John Twist, University Motors.
Restarting an MG after Long Storage, John Twist, University Motors.


  Paint Colour Codes, NAMGBR.
Paint Colour Codes, Telgerizer.
Paint DIY Job, John S. Henry.

Brake System

  Brake Fluid, Moss Motors.
Brake Fluid - Conventional vs Silicone, Moss Motors.
Brake Modifications, British Automotive
Everything You Wanted to Know About Brake Plumbing, The Dimebank Garage.
MGA MGB Rear Brake Adjustments, John Twist, University Motors.


  Clutch Disk, John Twist, University Motors.
Clutch Throw Out Bearing Problems, British Automotive
Slave Cylinders, John Twist, University Motors.

Cooling System

  Cooling System, University Motors, John Twist.
How the cooling System Works, Dave DuBois.
Electric Cooling Fans, John Twist, University Motors.
Overheating - Causes, Moss Motors.
Overheating - Thermostat, Moss Motors.
Water Pumps, John Twist, University Motors.
Water Pump - Sealing, Moss Motors.

Electrical System

  Alternator Conversions, Muenchausen Garage.
Alternator - Installing a GM/Delco, Teglerizer.
Alternator Terminal Conversion, Moss Motors.
Battery Disconnect Switches, Allan Brown.
Battery Testing, Jack Austin.
Fuseology, Allan Brown.
Headlight Aiming, John D. Weimer.
Headlight Relays, Allan Brown.
Lucas Fault Diagnosis & Service Manual.
Lucas Generator and Control Box Tests.
Wire Color Codes, Teglerizer.


  Cam Degreeing, Crane Cams
Cam Shaft, John Twist, University Motors.
Cam Specs, Teglerizer.
Catastrophic Engine Failure, John Twist, University Motors.
Changing Oil, Moss Motors.
Correctly Fitting the Distributor Drive Gear, John Twist, University Motors.
Cylinder Head Stud Condition, Moss Motors.
Engine Oil Usage, British Automotive
Engine 1800 Rebuild Info, British Automotive
Engine Rebuilding, Moss Motors.
Flywheel Ring Gear Replacement, Moss Motors.
MG Rocker Shaft, John Twist, University Motors.
Oil Pressure, John Twist, University Motors.
Oil Pressure Relief, John Twist, University Motors.
Oil Pump Gaskets, Dennis Trowbridge, Chicagoland MG Club, June 1993.
Rear Crank Seal, Moss Motors.
Valve Adjustment, John Twist, University Motors.
Valve Seals B-Series Engines, Lee Miller.
Vandervell Engine Bearings Specification Chart, Hap Waldrop - Acme Speed Shop

Exhaust System

  Exhaust Manifold Repair, John Twist, University Motors.

Fuel System

  Air Cleaners, University Motors, John Twist.
Carburetor Choices, British Automotive
Carburettors Models by Year, Teglerizer.
Carburettor Tuning, John Twist, University Motors.
Choke Cable Repair, John Twist, University Motors.
Dashpot Oil, Moss Motors.
Fuel Pump, John Twist, University Motors.
Fuel Tank Cleaning and Protection, Moss Motors.
Gasoline, Moss Motors.
Secrets of the SU Carburettors Part 1 of 2, John Twist, University Motors.
SU Carbs - Understanding, Moss Motors.
SU Float All Nylon, Adjusting Float Height, Moss Motors.
SU Fuel Pump 101, Dave DuBois
SU Fuel Pump Specifications, Dave DuBois
SU Throttle Shaft Rebushing, Chicagoland MG Club
Unleaded Gas, Moss Motors.


  Gearbox 3 Syncromesh, University Motors, John Twist.

Ignition System

  Distributor Advance Curves - Lucas, Teglerizer.
Distributor Specifications, British Automotive.
Replacing Points, John Twist, University Motors.
Starting MG Without a Key, John Twist, University Motors.
Static Timing, John Twist, University Motors.


  Leather Care, Moss Motors.
Speedometer Repair, Anthony Rhodes
Upholstery Adhesive - Using, Moss Motors.

Interior Climate

  Heater Core Flush, Moss Motors.
Heater Fan - Increase Power, Moss Motors.

Propeller Shaft

  Driveshaft Inspection, Jack Austin.
Driveshafts and U-Joints, Tom Sotomayor.
U-Joint Replacement Video, University Motors, John Twist.

Rear Axle





  Frozen Shock, John Twist, University Motors.


  Tire Rotation, Moss Motors.

Tops, Tonneaus, & Covers

  Convertible Top 63-70 Folding, MGB Handbook.
Convertible Top Window Cleaning, Moss Motors.


  Piston Stop and Cam Timing Tool, Jack Austin.


  Hubs Front, How to Properly Adjust Bearings, University Motors, John Twist.
Hub Grease Cap Removal, Moss Motors.
Wire Wheel Care, Moss Motors.
Wire Wheel Grease Cap Removal, Chicagoland MG Club.
Wire Wheels Seized on Hub, Moss Motors.
Wire Wheels, Moss Motors.

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