Oh My MG #1

Sometimes you just have to look at the pictures because words alone can not describe this car.

1979 MG MGB. Recently this car was available for sale on a popular online auction. The owner found a bidder after relisting the car a second time at a much lower opening bid. Apparently when the car was first offered for sale at $3,950 it attracted a large audience with over 5,000 views.

The owner/seller received many questions and comments. Purchased in 2006, the owner transformed the car to its current state inspired by the "MG Tickfords of the '30s". Features the owner added to the stock 1979 MGB, Sungtop hardtop cut to simulate a retractable half-top Phaeton, fender skirts welded to the rear quarter panels, 2+2 seating achieved with removing the boot lid and installing seats in the boot, cowl and windsreen for the rear passengers, grap bars mounted on the rear fenders to assist the rear passengers to their seats, continental kit added to the rear valance the spare had to go somewhere because there was no room in the boot, trailer hitch supported with decorative boat anchors, wing mounted mirrors for towing, and wide white walls painted on the tires.