Oh My MG #2

MG MGB 4X4 This car is available at a used car dealer in Delaware and for less than $3,000 USD you can own a very unique MG. A not so perfect combination of a sports car and four wheeler.

The platform of the MGB-CJ5 starts with running gear from a 1965 Jeep CJ5. The transmission, transfer case, and axles is from the Jeep. The rubber bumper 1975-80 MGB unibody is custom modified with frame structure to accommodate the Jeep running gear. The sections of the frame could be from the 65 Jeep as it is integrated with the MGB unibody. For those that have trouble lowering themselves into a stock MGB your problem is solved. This B has a lift kit and oversized tires. You may even need a stepstool to get into this B. The beast is powered by a small block V8 of unknown origin. The engine does run, as stated by the dealer, but only as starting fluid is injected into the carburetor. Condition of the engine unknown as is the drive train because it does not move under it's own power. The interior is rough condition and very dirty, it's been off road. Another interesting feature is the radiator is in the boot (trunk). How does that work?

The MGB-CJ5 comes with a clear PA title as a 1965 MGB. The expired PA safety inspection sticker in the windscreen shows August 2000 as the last time it was permitted on the road. How did it make it's last legal drive on the road, as a stock MGB or a 4X4 British sports car?