1927-1929 MG 14/40

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The MG 14/40 or 14/40 Mark IV was a car made by the MG Car company and launched in 1927. It was based on the contemporary Morris Oxford and was a development of the MG 14/28 and was built at Edmund Road, Cowley, Oxford where MG had moved in September 1927.[2] It was the first model to carry an MG Octagon badge on its radiator, the previous cars had retained a Morris Oxford badge.[1]

The change of name from 14/28 to 14/40 seems mainly to have been a marketing exercise and the reason for the Mark IV is unclear although it has been suggested that it represented the fourth year of production. [3] Externally the cars are very difficult to tell apart.

There were some changes to the 14/28 chassis and suspension and the brake servo was deleted.[3]

MG 14/40
1927 MG 14/40 saloon
Manufacturer MG Car Company
Production 1927–1929
700 approx[1]
Predecessor MG 14/28
Successor MG 18/80
Class Sports car
Body style(s) 2-door, 2 and 4 seater open tourer
2 door coupé (Salonette)
4-door saloon[2]
Engine(s) 1802 cc four cylinder, side valve.
Transmission(s) three speed manual
Wheelbase 106 inches (2705 mm)[2]
Length 150 inches (3810 mm)[2]


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