1961-1969 MG Magnette Mark IV

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The automobile manufacturer MG used the Magnette name on the K-type and N-type cars in the 1930s, but the Magnette models of the 1950s and 1960s are probably best-remembered. Although loved today, the use of the Magnette name on an MG saloon car with a lowered Wolseley body and an Austin engine brought protest from motor magazine letter writers.

There were two distinct series of these Magnettes: The ZA and ZB of 1953 through to 1958 and the Mark III and Mark IV of 1959 through to 1968.

The Mark III was updated in 1961 as the Mark IV. A larger 1.6 L (1622 cc) B-Series engine, with capacity increased by increasing the bore to 76.2 mm, was fitted, and the car had a longer wheelbase and wider track. To improve handling anti-roll bars were fitted front and rear. From the outside, the Mark IV was almost identical to the Mark III, apart from the remodelled and slightly less sharply pointed tailfins, a modification shared with its Riley sibling. Automatic transmission was offered as an option. The model continued to be listed through till May 1968 when the manufacturers announced that production had ceased with "no immediate replacement ... contemplated".[7]

MG Magnette
'55 MG Magnette (Hudson).JPG
1955 MG Magnette
Manufacturer MG Cars
Production 1953-1968
Predecessor MG YB
Successor MG Montego
Class Mid-size
Body style(s) 4-door saloon
Layout FR layout
MG Magnette Mark IV
MG Magnette Mk IV ca 1966.jpg
Production 1961-1969
Engine(s) 1.6 L B-Series I4
Wheelbase 2,546 mm (100.2 in)[2]
Related Morris Oxford VI
Riley 4/72
Austin A60 Cambridge
Wolseley 16/60


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